Our training courses in the field of calibration bring you up to date with the latest ISO standards and guidelines. Basic topics from roughness measurement technology are also part of our training portfolio. Contact us - we will be happy to put together an individual training program for you.


A brief selection of the topics covered:

  1. Basics of roughness metrology - profiled parameters, filters, roughness metrology standards, surface parameters, roughness metrology methods.
  2. ISO 25178-600: metrological properties of areal measurement devices
  3. ISO 25178-70: calibration artefacts for areal measurement devices
  4. ISO 25178-700: calibration regulations for areal measuring instruments - status and future regulations
  5. Evaluation of calibration measurements, regulations in ISO and best practice solutions
  6. DKD regulation 4-2: Calibration of measuring devices and artefacts for roughness metrology
  7. VDA 2655 page 1.1 and 1.2: Calibration of interference microscopes and confocal microscopes